"And be not conformed to the world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable, and perfect will of God."

- Romans 12:2

Meet The Author

When she was a little girl, Stephanie Styrcula wrote short stories for various reason. During her teenage and young adult years she often told stories to her best friends and never saw herself as an inspired writer until she began jotting down words based on the ideas of what she created for her friends. It became enjoyable to her, and she grew to love fiction writing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t her major in college since it wasn’t until after she graduated that she became serious about her writing, but God does things for a reason because as she grew in the Lord so did her writing. By the time she was married and started a family 14 books were already written. Click here to read full biography.

The Power Of God Changes All
(Series One: The Beginning)

The Power Of God Changes All (Series One: The Beginning)

The Power of God Changes All is a 20-book series based on the struggles of a female gang banger, born and raised in a prominent family: The Mallette Clan, chosen to help lead people, including her loved ones, to God. Series One: The Beginning is the first to be released and unfolds the dramatic details of the life of Gabriella Mallette.

The Power Of God Changes All
(Series Two: Slivers & Skulls)

The Power Of God Changes All (Series Two: Slivers & Skulls)

In Series Two: Slivers & Skulls Gabriella embraced her role as the Playgirl of the slivers, but it was more responsibility than she anticipated. She tried to balance her juvenile delinquent ways and rekindled connection with Gabriel, the little boy from the Annual Boardwalk Fair in 1971, who claimed her as his girlfriend …

Book Reviews

Here is what readers have to say about “The Power Of God Changes All” :

“Amazing read, Stephanie has done incredible well with the release of this series. The narrative is great, so also the flow and choice of words. Really inspiring"
John N.
"The writing, if not graceful, is excellent. Despite how thick the reading was, I kept turning the pages."
Ralph J.
"This series is a must-read for everyone, spiritually on point and has all the features of an amazing fiction work"
Phillips T.

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