Stephanie Styrcula

When she was a little girl, Stephanie Styrcula wrote short stories for various reason. During her teenage and young adult years she often told stories to her best friends and never saw herself as an inspired writer until she began jotting down words based on the ideas of what she created for her friends. It became enjoyable to her, and she grew to love fiction writing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t her major in college since it wasn’t until after she graduated that she became serious about her writing, but God does things for a reason because as she grew in the Lord so did her writing. 

By the time she was married and started a family 14 books were already written. Now, residing with her husband in Worth, a small, but less congested area of Illinois, Stephanie is a full-time mommy of 1 boy and 3 girls close in age and appreciates God’s gift of life. She spends her time praying, studying her bible, spreading the word of God, drawing, singing gospel music with her kids, goofing around with her husband, hanging with her sisters in Christ, and pondering on her writing creations. Designing covers for her books are time consuming, but she gets so much enjoyment out of it. Every Saturday she fellowships with her New Mercy church family and always look forward to spending time with friends and relatives.

Stephanie writes Christian fiction novels combined with romance, action, drama, mystery, and supernatural horror. The Power of God Changes All is a 20-book Series about a family called The Mallette’s and their clan of friends and relatives. Series One and Two are now available.