The Power Of God Changes All (Series Two: Slivers & Skulls)

In Series Two: Slivers & Skulls, Gabriella embraced her role as the Playgirl of the Slivers, but it was more of a responsibility than anticipated.

She tried to balance her juvenile delinquency and rekindled a connection with Gabriel, the little boy from the Annual Boardwalk Fair in 1971, who claimed her as his girlfriend and couldn’t be ecstatic to have crossed paths again. Along with jealousy from some of their peers, Gabriel had a secret that would affect their relationship entirely. Still, Gabriel and Gabriella’s attachment was too strong to unfasten. Her agility was on point and prepared her for whatever the Skulls had planned since she was their primary target. Yet would it be enough for her and her brother Jerome, the leader, to protect their friends? Especially after the lock-up of Demonte Walker, the Shotcaller of the Slivers. Would the two of them be able to hold down the fork? The Skulls tried dismantling the Slivers individually but didn’t seem to understand that Gabriella wasn’t alone. A Higher Power that watched over her from the second she was born reached out to guide her on the straight path where He needed her to be, which created a major change to her lifestyle.


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