Discussion 15

Bless it be the name of the Lord, my awesome readers! I pray that your weekend is the same as the start of your week, filled with peace and laughter. This post is delayed because I was waiting for God to put a specific topic in my heart, and truly I thank Him because He’s giving me a chance to tell another testimony. During my education years, excluding college, I was never a part of the “in crowd.” Even while growing up in my church, I felt either out of place or not accepted, and I never knew why. No matter how hard I tried to be accepted, others still thought that I was either a lame or just weird. Yes, it was hurtful, but there was nothing I could do. My peers, whether they’re classmates or relatives, thought what they wanted, and the only thing I could do was treat them with love and respect. I chose who I wanted to hang with since I knew how people felt about me. We may think that we’re strong enough to handle anything, especially individuals who hold onto grudges about you that you don’t know anything about, but without the Holy Spirit we are as fragile as glass. I never understood why I wasn’t accepted in certain “in crowds” until God opened up my eyes and changed me. Everything is so clear to me now, and I truly can’t thank God enough because it was He who kept me separate for His purpose. It was He who kept me away from certain influencers. As children of the Most High God, we are to be the head and not the tail (Deuteronomy 28:13). If I would’ve went out my way to be accepted by those who weren’t good for my spirit, I probably would’ve gone down the wrong road, and somewhere that could’ve affected me in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got caught up in things I had to repent for, but thankfully, I wasn’t too far out of God’s reach. God allowed me to realize that He’s the one who always wanted to be my friend. Although I’m the youngest of 7, there was a lonliness in my heart that I never thought I had until the time that I actually felt so alone that I wanted to commit suicide. But God! I’m not sorry to say that my family wasn’t the ones who filled the void in my heart. God did. My good people, the Lord is inviting us to be a part of His everlasting in crowd filled with pure love and happiness. Are you accepting His invitation? Also, I would love to know if there was ever a time when you felt alone or separate from others? Please comment below and don’t forever to check out The Power of God Changes All: Series One: The Beginning for free on the Wattpad app. Take care, and God bless.

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