Series Three: Gabriel & Gabriella

Bless it be the name of the Lord, my awesome readers! It is snowing right now in the Chi. The perfect weather to lounge in a comfy chair and sip on a nice hot cup of coffee or homemade cappuccino. If it’s snowing where you are, and you have to be in it, I pray that the Almighty will encamp His angels all around you. Anyhoo, I have wonderful news! The Power of God Changes All: Series Three: Gabriel & Gabriella is in the works. So, I hope and pray that you’ve given my first two series a chance so that you’ll be ready for the third. I can’t discuss the details in case you all aren’t caught up, nor can I give a specific month for the completion. I pray that you look forward to it. Also, if you subscribe to my website, you will receive Gabriel & Gabriella series for free. Please subscribe, and remember I’ll still be your pal if you don’t. I pray that you all be safe, blessed, and warm during the remaining of the week. God bless!

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