Discussion 31

Bless it be the name of the Lord, my awesome readers! I pray that all is well and that you all had a blessed weekend. I was m.i.a. celebrating Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and I had a great time with my family. This morning’s discussion regards a major issue occurring in this dark world, and I may prick at some hearts. First of all, I can’t stress enough how important it is to get rooted in the Word of God. I mentioned before that it’s our defense mechanism against the devil but also an eye-opener to the enemy’s tricks. So many things are going on in the world that are against God’s standards, the devil has made it the norm, and now he’s influencing people to brainwash our kids. Where in the bible does it say that we can transform our appearances into the opposite gender from how God created us?! Oh wait, it doesn’t say! In fact, Deuteronomy 22: 5 mentions that women shall not wear which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord God. This scripture is pretty direct. Men shouldn’t be dressing or acting like women, and the same goes for women acting like men. It’s wrong, and God said so, but the devil made it a normal thing in this world where people, especially Christians who claim to accept Jesus as their Savior, are staying silent. Now, innocent children are getting pulled into this terrible lie. A lie influenced by the enemy. Hello people and saints of God! Have you forgotten how the Almighty destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the very reasons of what’s occurring in this world as we speak? He brought judgment to Sodom and Gomorrah because the outcry against them was so great it reached His ears all the way in heaven. The darkness is expanding, and wickedness gets worse every day, but I believe that prayer warriors are crying out to the Lord for help. Soon King Jesus is coming back, and God’s judgment would be poured out (Revelation 16). Now is not the time to be quiet, saints! We should be showing that we care for the souls of our brothers and sisters by warning them of their sinful practices. Yes, we are all sinners, but to God be glory for our Savior, Jesus Christ, who released our shackles from sin so that we are no longer slaves. If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Savior, what are you waiting for? He paid the ultimate sacrifice for us so that we could go to the Father personally instead of waiting for a priest to offer up the blood of a spotless lamb. Jesus is our High Priest and Lamb of God! Hallelujah! Stop getting comfortable in this world, saints of God. Cry out loud and spare not so that we can help the Gospel reach the ends of this world. I would love to know what you think, so please comment below, and I pray for the safety of you all. May the Lord bless thee and keep thee. Love y’all lots. Until next time if the Lord is willing.

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