Discussion 35

“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.” (Ephesians 4:32)

Bless it be the name of the Lord, my awesome readers! I’m back from a lengthy absence. I pray that you all have been safe in the arms of our Father God and living according to His standards in this fallen world. Now is not the time to slumber or slack in obedience because the Lord God is coming back. For those with shut eyes and lack of knowledge, our Lord Jesus would come like a thief to them. On the day of the Lord, we won’t have time to make corrections within’ ourselves and others. If you are harboring animosity against someone, think about the verse above. To be frank, we are despicable sinners who treat the Lord like crap and take His love, kindness, compassion, and mercy for granted. Every single second, His Holy name is insulted, mocked, and used in such a way as if He doesn’t matter or have feelings. Yet, Christ demonstrated forgiveness when He was crucified on the cross by His own people. His example should influence us to look at the spirit behind the person and forgive them. I know it’s not easy. Three years ago, my cousin completely sabotaged my daddy’s funeral, which was heartbreaking; honestly, it took me some time to forgive her. Even today, God allows me to discern what is spiritually good and evil. After reading the book of Ecclesiastes, I find that holding onto grudges and material things is vanity or meaningless. He also allows me to understand that what you hold onto, whether internal or external, will impact the outcomes of your life. Nothing wicked or worldly can enter God’s kingdom, so look closely at yourselves and see what your hearts are harboring. Whoever you have animosity against, is it worth spending eternity away from the presence of our Creator, but in the lake of fire where the flames won’t quench, and love won’t dwell? Think about it, my brothers and sisters, because time is at hand. This world is getting wicked by the minute, and the enemy is causing friction, especially between Christians and the LGBTQ community, so we’ll hate one another. Nevertheless, what the LGBTQ needs to understand is that we will never hate them. In fact, we love them enough to tell them the truth and show that we care about where their souls end up. Of course, the enemy has blinded them, but that’s another post entirely, hehe. So, I’ll end it here. Examine yourselves as the Lord says. Until next time, may the Lord bless thee and keep thee. Love you all, bye!

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