The message behind ‘The Power of God Changes All’ Series.

Howdy, my lovely readers! If you’ve read the first two books, it may seem a bit slow, hehe, but that’s usually how it is at the beginning of any series. Everything about the characters, mostly the main ones, is introduced. I’m letting you all know right now that my series contains a lot of characters of different nationalities and lifestyles who experience what most of us go/or went through at some point in our lives. This brings the primary message that was placed in my heart during my writing journey (which I had no idea would come this far), that no matter how deep you are in your sins or trials and tribulations, you’re never too far from God’s reach. If you accept Him into your hearts, He can and will transform you for the better. God can choose anyone He wants to bring others closer to Him, and in ‘The Power of God Changes All,’ Gabriella and Gabriel are the ones that He reached out to. I really hope and pray that you all enjoy the books! Talk to you soon. God Bless!

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