Discussion 8

Bless it be the name of the Lord, my beautiful readers! I pray that you all had a safe and blessed weekend. God has been so good to us for breathing His breath of life in our nostrils. Surely, He keeps doing marvelous things, and no one is truly like Him. In this post, we’re going to discuss the one thing that causes major downfalls for humankind, and that is…sin. We all sin and come short in the glory of God. Whoever claims that they don’t sin is a straight-up fibber! Unfortunately, sinning is a part of human nature, beginning with Adam and Eve. I categorize my ways of sin in three parts: (1) the ones that are done unconsciously, (2) the ones that are done consciously, and (3) the ones that people don’t want to give up. As we surrender ourselves to God, allow Him to change us for the better, and then learn more of Him, He opens our eyes to see ourselves like reflections in a mirror. We realize certain sins that we do unconsciously, which is a good thing because, by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, we are given the opportunity to repent and correct ourselves. Sins that are done consciously are the ones we have a hard time overcoming. For instance, we lie. Most of the time, we don’t want to lie, but sometimes it happens. Like me, I hate lying and don’t enjoy doing it at all. It’s not my intention, but that’s when you allow the Holy Spirit to take over. Humble yourself before God and repent. Ask God to help you be cautious and think before you speak. Be certain that the words about to come out of your mouth are the truth. I’m sure there are particular sins that individuals would love to give up and are trying their hardest to overcome, and grace be to God and His Son our Savior! Jesus has taken our sins upon His shoulders so that we could have His strength to conquer and defeat our sins. Now, the sins that people don’t want to give up are totally different circumstances. These are done consciously and unremorsefully where they are comfortably seared and don’t want their minds to be transformed by the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that God can’t or won’t help. His arms are stretched out, constantly wanting to rescue us. Do you need rescuing today? God is with you, take His hand, and cry out for His help. Sin is serious and is influenced by satan himself, who was kicked out of heaven for the same things that half of us are struggling to get rid of. Now, let me ask you this. There are different types of sins that some of us aren’t or haven’t experienced, but what is the one sin that all humanity struggles/ed to escape from? Have a wonderful and blessed day, my brothers and sisters!

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