Discussion 37

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”(Ephesians  5:11)

“For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.” (John 3: 20)

“Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” (John 7:24)

Bless it be the name of the Lord, my awesome readers! I pray that you all had a blessed and peaceful weekend. A certain question has been weighing my heart, and I believe that God has given me the scriptures above as part of the answers. Nevertheless, I would love to hear what you lovely people have to say. My question is, how come people don’t want to hear the truth of the Gospel? Lately, street preachers are being arrested for speaking the truth. Kudos to them for standing up against evil practices that are clearly an abomination, as the Word says. I always hear that if a person doesn’t accept abominable acts, such as the lgbtq+ community, they’re transphobic. That’s ridiculous if you ask me! Sorry, not sorry! Often I hear individuals from lgbtq are being haunted down or attacked. Hello! Those are lies from the pits of hell because, guess what?! Innocent people died at a school because of a trans, but hey, the media kind of brushed that aside. I know someone personally who was attacked by a trans because he addressed HIM as what God created HIM to be, which is an HIM! Who are the ones being violent? Surely not true Christians. I say true Christians because there are lukewarm Christians straddling the fence, accepting abominable acts as well instead of standing up for the truth. My thoughts on why people don’t want to hear the truth of the Gospel is because, like the scriptures above, they’re living comfortably in darkness because satan has made their sins so good. That’s his trick, making sin look so enticing, and since they’re not rooted in the Word of God, they have no backbone. No strength, no shield to block away the temptation. As true Christians, we’re supposed to disapprove of any darkness that’s contrary to the Word of God instead of getting sucked into the wicked agenda. I don’t agree with getting physical or hurting, unlike some of them lgbtq individuals, only because “us true Christians” won’t climb aboard to their wickedness, but we are to judge righteously. Certain street preachers are doing exactly that, judging with love, and not hate. Why is it that every time a true Christian speaks against wickedness, they’re considered hating? It’s simple, sinners don’t want their evil deeds exposed. The truth pricks their hearts, which I believe is one of the reasons why they become defensive and hostile. Out of love, “us” true Christians speak the truth because we don’t want to see the lost eternally separated from the Father of all creation, suffering in the lake of fire. The Word doesn’t lie. If you reject Christ, you reject God. If you don’t repent of your sins and accept Christ as your Savior, you’ve made your eternal bed in the lake of fire. Don’t get mad at me for saying that because it is written in the Word. Study for yourselves. I do hope to read your feedback because I would love to hear your impute. Please be safe in this dark, evil world. Until next time, may the Lord bless thee and keep thee. Love y’all!

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