Discussion 29

(Exodus 20:7) Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh His name in vain.

Bless it be the name of the Lord, my beautiful readers! I pray that you all had a blessed and safe weekend filled with the presence of our omnipotent God. I know it’s been about a week since I posted, and I’m sorry. Life can be hectic, but thanks be to God that He doesn’t put too much on us that we can’t bear. What a mighty God we serve! He never goes back on His words, and His love is from everlasting to everlasting. So, why in the world do so many people break the 3rd Commandment? The name of the Lord is sacred and should only be used to exalt Him. It’s not some ordinary name that’s used inappropriately. His holy name is supposed to be used to call out to Him when we are in need or in awe of Him. Using His name as a filthy swear word isn’t only disrespectful to Him, but it’s insulting. We’re responsible for every idle word we speak (Matthew 12:36), and that includes calling out His name in a cursed way. The scripture above mentions that He will not hold us guiltless. In other words, we won’t be found innocent if we keep dishonoring His Holy name. In one of the Lion of Judah sermons, the pastor mentioned that one of the problems in this world is that we lack fear in the Lord, and that’s so true. There’s not enough fear of the Lord in this world, or else we wouldn’t be using His name as an ordinary word. Jesus was given the name above all other names. IT IS HOLY, and speaking His name in a derogatory way is completely wrong and disrespectful to our King of Kings. If a person went before a human king and insulted him to his face, I’m sure the king would have that person beheaded. What do you think our Creator would do if we refuse to stop and think about what’s acceptable to Him? In my opinion, I think taking His name in vain hurts Him because it shows that we don’t value Him the way we’re supposed to. When you really love someone, you would do all you can to not hurt that person, whether it is physically or verbally. Well, God is more than just a person. He’s our Creator, and if you’ve accepted Jesus and declared Him as your Savior, well, that makes God your Heavenly Father. Therefore, we shouldn’t be dishonoring our righteous Father. Imagine someone cursing your earthly dad. How would that make you feel? Well, it’s about to be three years since my earthly dad passed away, but I sure would’ve defended him if he was disrespected. Although I’ve always had God in my life, He’s now and always been my Father and Daddy. So, whenever I hear someone disrespecting my Daddy God’s name, I cringe and get angry. Nevertheless, people don’t seem to care nowadays, which is sad because the enemy took another commandment and twisted it to make it the norm in this world, as he has done with other laws. Get into the Word, you all, and learn the schemes of the devil so that you wouldn’t be deceived. God doesn’t accept everything, and His name spoken as filth from our mouths is one of them. I’ll love to know what you think, so comment below. As of right now, my first book is free on my website. I’m trying to figure out how to sell it as a flipbook, but honestly, I’m having difficulties hehe. If I can’t come up with a solution, I’ll offer my books for free and let it be your choice if you want to make a donation. May the Lord bless thee and keep thee. Love you, guys!

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