Discussion 1

The first time I read through the Book of Revelation when I was a young teen, I honestly didn’t know what to think of it. I guess I didn’t have any thoughts since I can’t remember my exact reaction.  Nevertheless, several months ago I watched a movie on Pureflix called The Remaining, a supernatural horror flick regarding the Rapture and the outcome to those left behind. It was an eye opener that’s for sure because when I read through Revelation I missed out on so much, but that’s how it is with the bible. You can’t read through it just one time like an ordinary book, you have to study to show thyself approved to God (2 Timothy 2:15). It’s a lot of studying, but once you get into it and notice how the Old Testament is parallel to the New Testament it is so intriguing. Anyhoo, since I didn’t spend as much time reading the Word like I was supposed to, I missed out on the demons mentioned in Revelation 9. Those demons shook me to the core. Now there are scholars who believe that they are only symbolic, but what if they’re not? I know that we’re supposed to read on our own, but how come some churches aren’t taken time to explain certain or even all parts of the Book of Revelation? Yes, I was shaken to the core, but I truly thank God for opening my eyes to a lot of things especially in the Book of Revelation because guess what? He changed me, and now the Spirit of the Holy Ghost is more manifested in my life more than ever. So, here’s my question and I would definitely love your feedbacks. There won’t be any judgements on my behalf. I simply would love your thoughts.

How come certain churches aren’t preaching about the Book of Revelation?

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